Implementasi REST API pada Aplikasi Panduan Kepaskibraan Berbasis Android

  • Amin Rulloh STMIK Widya Utama
  • Dewi Erla Mahmudah STMIK Widya Utama
  • Herman Kabetta STMIK Widya Utama


Application trends that require developers to create apps that can make content up-to-date whenever accurately makes developers search for methods that can make that happen. With the RESTful web service technology, applications now can connect to the global network. With the notation format support from JSON, result from data will be faster to load in the application and allows developers to recognize the resulting objects. First, creating a database to store content that supports apps. Then create the controller that is used for each API call on each required content. After that the app on the android device is made with the support of several libraries, namely Volley for calling API and HTML-TextView to convert content data in HTML format into TextView format on android device. This research has resulted that REST can be applied in this Guidance Application


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