Author Guidelines

1. Introduction

Jurnal TEKNIKOM with registered number p-ISSN : 2598-294X, e-ISSN : 2598-2958 is a scientific journal published by LPPM of STMIK Widya Utama. The aim of the Journal is to facilitate scientific publication of the results of researches in Indonesia and participate to boost the quality and quantity of research for academics and researchers. Jurnal TEKNIKOM published biannually in April and October with the scope in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Management.

2. The Guidelines for The Manuscript Body Text

Scientific articles will be published in the Journal of Infotel must follow the rules of writing on the paper body. The rules follow the pattern of IMRAD (Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion) added the last section is the closing remarks section .

Title : The title should be concise and indicate the identity of the subject, the research objectives, and keywords. A length of about 5-15 words with font size 18.

Author name : The author's name without academic degrees and not preceded by the word "by", followed by the name of the institution, address of  institution and contact email.

Abstract and Keyword : Abstract wrote in Indonesian and English up to 250 words. Keywords that included 3 to 5 keywords.

Introduction : basically, in the introduction provides background research, the purpose, literature review, originality of research, and research objectives.

Method : In the methods section provides a summary of the methods used, such as the subjects studied, tools and materials used, model or design used, sampling technique, the measured variable, analysis and statistical models used.

Result : In the results section contains the presentation of the results of research can be illustrated using tables or figures to clarify the presentation of the results verbally.

Discussion : material discussion mainly concerned, whether the results are consistent with the hypothesis or not, and put forward the argument.

Closing Remarks : the closing remarks section contains the conclusion of the research that have been done and future works.

3. The Guidelines for Citations and References

Style referral source citations in journals Infotel using IEEE style. It is advisable to use a reference management software such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero and others.

4. The Manuscript General Guidelines  

The paper  was written by using the following template. Writing papers based on the following rules :

  1. The length of manuscripts between 3-10 pages, using A4 paper size.
  2. The left and right margin is 1.65 cm, top and bottom margins are 1.75 cm.
  3. The text is single-spaced; uses Times New Roman 11-point.
  4. Writing in the images, tables, attachments using Times New Roman 9-point and single-space

5. Attachments